Kickstart Your  CLAT PG 2024 Preparation Like A Topper  In 2 days

Without  Bulky Books

Without Reading 100s of Pages of Judgments

Without Long Study Hours

Arohi Pathak

She is the Executive Manager of Jurisedge Academy. She has already helped 1000+ Ordinary Law Students get into their dream NLUs in Last 7 Years.

CLAT PG Masterclass


1.30 Hour Live/Day


19th September -20th September


07:00 PM -8 :30 PM


Bonus Worth Rs. 5000

Are you aspiring to crack the CLAT PG (Common Law Admission Test - Postgraduate) exam and secure admission to your dream law school? Join our exclusive webinar, "Kickstart Your CLAT PG Preparation Like a Topper in 2 Days," and learn effective strategies to excel in the exam by demystifying the myths.

Learn Secrets That 99% Students Don't know about CLAT PG


Do you face these challenges below in your CLAT PG Preparation ?


Are you studying long hours without being able to retain even 20-30% of the content?


Are you unable to define the exam syllabus for judgments and basics?


Are you looking for a Faster, Smarter, and more Productive way to prepare for the exam?


Are You Confused regarding the unpredictability of CLAT PG Question pattern?


Is reading 100s of Judgments a nightmare?


Are you juggling with college and clat pg preparation everyday?

Unlock Your Path to Extra-Ordinary Success Like Our Previous Students


Limited Seats Available


 19th September- 20th September

7PM -8:30 PM

Registrations Closing In


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About the Webinar

We will tell You
the secret of
Breaking Free From
The Old Norms 
 in 4 simple steps.

Master the Art of Smart Study Balance College Success and Extra-curricular activities effortlessly to growthhack your extra ordinary career success.

What You Will Learn in This Webinar:


CLAT PG Success Blueprint

Discover the Proven Techniques to Identify and Access Relevant Legal Resources.


Smart Read Technique To Study Judgments

Revolutionize Your Research Game


3 Hidden Secrets of CLAT PG Top 50 Rankers

Uncover the hidden gems of Efficient Legal Writing

Arohi Pathak

Founder & CEO, Jurisedge Academy

She is the Executive Manager of Jurisedge Academy. She has already helped 1000+ Ordinary Law Students get into their dream NLUs in Last 7 Years.


Our Achivements of 7+ Years Experience


Law Students Who Loved our services


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When you Master the CLAT PG Hacking Model in your Preparation, you can bid adieu to

So Many Stuff to Study & Remember

This webinar will provide you with a CLAT PG success blueprint by streamlining your preparation in just 3 days, eliminating the need for long study hours and extensive reading of judgments while still achieving top scores in the exam.

There’s no need to stress or get lost in the never-ending syllabus. We’ll help you in structing your syllabus in the most effective manner possible!

Unpredictable & Unchartered syllabus

Compromise on College Studies

During the preparation period, your College studies shouldn’t suffer. We’ll help you plan out stuff so you have time for College Studies and exam.

You will have a clear understanding of how to monitor your own progress, identify any gaps in your knowledge or skills, and make the necessary adjustments to your study plan to ensure that you are on the right track to success in the CLAT PG exam.

No Track Of Your Preparation

How It Works

Your 4 Steps To Register & Learn All Secrets for being an CLAT PG Topper

Enroll in The Workshop

Head on to the “registration link” and get yourself registered for the Workshop!






Join The Workshop

Get access to 3 live sessions, followed by activities to help you learn the skills, a bunch of proven templates, and productivity hacks, all for a fee that wouldn’t burden your pocket!

Implement What You Learn

Watch the videos carefully, follow the instructions, and put them into action in three practical tasks.






Kickstart Your CLAT PG Effortlessly

Complete the lessons and the practical tasks to master the required skills to Top the CLAT PG Exam!

What Are The Benefits of This Live Webinar


Smart Goal Setting For Your Prep


Smart Study Technique


Success Blueprint For CLAT PG


Last 100 Days Secrets of CLAT PG Top 50 Rankers


Revolutionize The Way You read Judgments


Discover the Game Changing Method of CLAT PG Prep

Who is this webinar for


Aspiring Academician & Researcher

Pursuing an LL.M. from a top NLU provides academicians with specialized knowledge, networking opportunities, access to resources, credibility, enhanced teaching capabilities, and career advancement prospects. These benefits not only contribute to their personal growth but also enhance their ability to make valuable contributions to legal education, research, and the development of the legal profession as a whole.


Aspiring Advocates

Pursuing an LL.M. from a top NLU provides advocates with specialized knowledge, enhanced legal skills, networking opportunities, prestige, expanded career prospects, and international exposure. These benefits not only contribute to their professional growth but also equip them with the necessary tools to navigate complex legal challenges, Charge their clients 10x, and Increase marketability and Authority.


Aspiring Corporate Lawyers

Pursuing an LL.M. from a top NLU provides corporate lawyers with specialized knowledge in corporate law, access to expert faculty and industry professionals, exposure to cutting-edge legal education, an international perspective, enhanced research and writing skills, career advancement opportunities, and networking advantages. These benefits not only contribute to their professional growth but also equip them with the necessary tools to excel in the corporate legal field and serve their clients effectively.


Aspiring Judges

pursuing an LL.M. from a top NLU provides judges with advanced legal knowledge, specialization, exposure to comparative law, improved research and writing skills, networking opportunities, continuing judicial education, and opportunities for peer learning and collaboration. These benefits not only contribute to their professional growth but also enhance their ability to deliver well-informed, well-reasoned, and fair judgments, thereby strengthening the judicial system as a whole and Create a Strong Back up for their highly competitive Judicial exams.

KickStart Your 100 Days CLATPG Prep Workshop

1st Day

  • Understanding Your Preparation
  • Faults In Your Preparation
  • Important Subjects
  • How to Cover Your Basics
  • How To Cover Judgment
  • 100 Days Prep Kit

2nd Day

  • Top 50 Rankers Secrets To Success
  • How To Make Notes Like PSU Topper
  • Evaluate Yourself
  • Focusing On 3 Pillars Of Your Prep
  • Create The Action Plan
  • Incorporation of The System

What Law Students Say About This Session 

Kritika Joshi


Attending the 'Kickstart your CLAT PG Preparation' webinar was a game-changer for me. The strategies shared were incredible. I learned how to optimize my study time without drowning in bulky books or spending endless hours on reading judgments. Thanks to the webinar, I feel confident and well-prepared for the CLAT PG exam.

Rashmi Dhal


I was skeptical at first about preparing for CLAT PG in just 3 days, but this webinar proved me wrong. The tips and techniques provided were practical and effective. I no longer feel overwhelmed by the vast syllabus or the need to read hundreds of pages. I highly recommend this webinar to anyone aiming to crack the CLAT PG exam.

Saurabh Kumar


As a working professional, finding time for CLAT PG preparation was a challenge. This webinar was a game-changer for me. It showed me how to optimize my study schedule, focus on high-yield topics, and leverage online resources effectively. Thanks to this webinar, I am now able to balance my work and preparation, and I feel confident about my chances in the CLAT PG exam.

Abraham Joseph


I cannot thank the webinar enough for revolutionizing my approach to CLAT PG preparation. The strategies shared were innovative and practical. I learned how to analyze my prep quickly, improve my strong areas skills, and stay updated with smart hour technique without overwhelming myself. This webinar is a must-attend for anyone aspiring to crack CLAT PG without excessive reading or long study hours.

We are Committed to Change The Way You Prepare



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